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we are ausfares


Some call us the OTA for Travel Agents,
some say Air Ticket Wholesaler.
Others like to say, consolidator with a twist.

We simply say, ‘The Only One’


Ausfares was created from the need to provide a more practical market solution to our partners seeking more results from their ticketing partner through tickets sales, steady year in growth and market education.

How can a company exceed in their field, when it does not even understand the market to which it is selling? This is where Ausfares exceeds.


About Market

We know more about markets, than the markets know themselves. This is something we are confident in claiming. We have successfully carved out our careers, through our innovative clever approaches to how travel works.

Our team not only ‘gets’ the Australian travel market but also come from all corners of the globe, bringing with them their experience from our client’s market through their years working in travel in these markets.


New Smart Technology

In addition to our expertise, we are currently developing our own cutting edge unique ticketing platform, individually tailored for our client’s needs.

This is a one-stop-shop platform of which will become the go-to platform for agents all over the globe.


After using online ticketing platforms for years, ourselves, we know what you need and know what you don’t want. Our destination technology will revolutionize travel by changing how accessibility currently is offered.

Ausfare’s practical approach to air ticket content and sales shows continuous growth through dedicated close relationship building and active participation for structural growth and essential market share ownership.


Once you open an account with Ausfares, no matter how large all small your business, everyone benefits from being an affiliate under the Ausfares international umbrella.

Once you try Ausfares, you’ll never go back!

Head on over to ‘Contact Us’ to open an account or email fares@ausfares.com

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Please queue the booking via our ticketing platform and email afterhours@ausfares.com